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      Shenzhen Hanguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in February, 1994 by Shenzhen Gas Group Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Guangmin Industry Ltd.. It is a company especially for developing, manufacturing, install and maintenance automatic meter reading system(AMR SYSTEM), architecture intelligent monitoring system, architecture intelligent project, Gas detector, Energy saver and Electronic WATT-HOUR meter. It is a new high-tech enterprise that integrates science, industry and trade.
The company is made of a team of outstanding managerial, technological talents and disciplined workers. With an advanced management system, outstanding quality production, engineering quality and service quality, it is the first company which approved ISO9001 international quality guarantee system among its domestic competitors. As a pioneer in the industry of automatic meter reading, Hanguang had successfully developed HG-1 Type Gas Automatic Meter Reading System, the earliest meter reading system devoted into massive application in the nation. Through many years, new generations of products have been developed, such as:
A  HG2000A type intelligent security monitoring and data collection system
B  HG-DMS800 direct meter reading system
C  HG2100 wireless meter reading system
D  GPRS Whole City Internet Access Meter Reading System
E  HG-EM100 Power Line Carrier (PLC) Communication Automatic Meter Reading System
F  HG3000 Combustible gas alarm control system
G  HG3000 Serial Independent-Type Flammable gas detector
H  Three phase& Single Phase Electronic WATT-HOUR meter
I  PS2008 serial Energy saver products
To meet the various requests from different users, the system has also developed from a single function of meter reading into a multiple-function platform applicable to resident house monitoring, data collection, Gas alarm, etc.
The system’s hardware has adopted a modular structure, while its software has imported drivers' s concept, making the system easy for more development. The system is able to perform the following functions: collective meter reading, alerting (security alarm, gas leak alarm, urgent help alarm) and controlling (water, electric, gas, heat energy, etc). Because the system can centralize monitors of the whole city, it provides effective guarantee for fighting crimes and building a safe residential life. Currently the technology of the system is rated to be in an advanced level in domestic with numerous national patents.

      Since 1997, Hanguang company has grown into a period of speedy development, in which new economic records have been made every year. The company has received a variety of awards and titles like the "ShenZhen’s New High-Tech Enterprise", "ShenZhen’s Software Enterprise", "ShenZhen’s Top 300 Enterprises With The Most Potential", "ShenZhen’s Foreign Invested Advanced Technology Enterprise", "High Credibility Enterprise", and etc. Its products have received various honors awarded from customers and in the national. With expertise and solid experiences, Hanguan company has monopolized the Shenzhen market, and hold a steady source of customers in the international market. With excellent reputation, Hanguang has become the enterprise with so many customers in its field.

     In the new century, a residential atmosphere that is convenient, safe, comfortable, and environmental protective became everyone’s ideal home. Hanguang, as one of earlier enterprises that set foot into the research and development of the residence intelligentized system, to improve the city residential intelligent management level has always been its mission for many years. The company's goal is to establish a network of monitoring service system within the city including a collective data center, security monitor center, urgent monitor center, and more, so that the residents could all enjoy a personal type of service of " digital network ". In terms of technology we have already have the capability. In the present world made of network, Hanguang will continue its high efficient and excellent service with a customers-oriented spirit to collaborate with its customers to better their homes in the 21 century.

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