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1.Hanguang's manufacture department strictly follows all the terms and the requirements of ISO9000: 2000 quality management system to ensure all products' quality before sale.
1.1 Outstanding production organization ensures the supply of good quality products.
1.2 Make use of the PDCA circulation to ensure the company's ability of continuing improvement.
1.3 Complete documentation of technology.
1.4 The clear, accurate, realistic and integrated quality records have made products' tracking easy. It not only can discover the reason for products' quality advancement, but also can track the whole manufacturing processes in case any quality problem occurs. This way the company can take efficient measures in case of problems.

2. Manufacturing equipments are advanced, dependable with high capability; reliable guarantee for producing excellent products.
MA-300 infrared/hot breeze-reflux welding device: Mainly used for welding of entire surface of machine board. This machine adopts Japanese Fuji's third generation PID control, accurately directing the temperature of each area's heater in a closed environment. The machine's third area adopts infrared hot breeze mixing welding, making welding quick and stably.

DW-300-NS crest welder: This machine has high automatic measures with good quality welding point, convenient operation. Product features are as follows:
⑴ Unique self preparing program;
⑵ Perfect work/adjust function;
⑶ The electricity controls adopt the PLC control;
⑷ The temperature controller adopts Japanese OMRON temperature control PID.
High quality anti-static floor: The manufacturing department have adopted high quality anti-static floor. All workers who are in contact with PCB boards must wear static bracelet to ensure the electronic products will not be damaged by static, improving the product's reliability.

3. Strong Production Ability
The company manufactures annually more than 600,000pcs of various PCB board, more than 400,000sets of all kind of AMR System equipments, more than 90,000 sets of electrical valves and relevant terminal equipments, more than 550,000pcs of gas meter, About 800,000pcs electronic WATT-Hour meter, and 180,000pcs gas detector, Also many hundred thousands of energy saver.

4. Production materials are picked from domestic and international well-known brands.
Patch capacitance is made from American original material with guaranteed quality.
Various connection terminals are all Japanese, as they will not be damaged by testing of more than thousand times.
The dry reed pipe also adopts Japanese technology with credulous connection function.
SMT manufacturing uses Japanese original high quality tin cream and crest welder adopts domestic high quality soldering and flux.

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